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About Us

Who Are We:

11+ Training is a company which provides individual and group tuition to children in year 4 and 5 who will be sitting the 11+ entrance exams for the grammar schools in Bexley, Orpington and Kent.

We are based in Tunbridge Wells and run weekly sessions on Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings.

All our teachers and teaching assistants have many years of previous experience working in a school both nationally and internationally. Their knowledge of children's development and learning contributes in great depth to the development of learning programmes tailored to the individual child's learning experience.

Our Aim:

We would like to provide an opportunity for children to achieve their best at the 11+ test through a learning experience tailored to their individual needs whilst creating a nurturing learning environment which supports their natural abilities and interests. 


We believe that children's learning experiences and levels of success are unique to themselves and whilst passing the 11+ exam with a high score is the ultimate goal, the emotional well being of the children and their willingness to learn and succeed are core to their motivation and positive experience during their learning journey. By creating a mutually trusting relationship between parents-children-teachers we will ensure that the children who attend 11+ Training courses will be able to achieve their learning objectives whilst building long life skills such as self motivation to learn and ability to work well under pressure within strict timing.

Our 11+ Training Courses:

Our courses will help your child gain confidence and achieve his/her goals. Each course is tailored to suit the examinations the student will be sitting so you can be sure your child is well prepared.

11+ Training course content includes help with study techniques and time management as well as exam hints so that children will know how to read and understand questions and check their answers.