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Home-Schooled Group

We believe that children have the right to choose the way they study and while most parents/carers prefer to send their children to a primary or secondary school, there are many who prefer to home school their children.

We understand that for some parents the idea of having to prepare study materials and research various topics of interest may become an exhausting task as you have other responsibilities as well and this is where 11+ Training can become a valuable partner to your child's learning.

Upon an initial informal meeting with you and your child, we will create a learning plan which will be based on your child's interests and learning objectives tailored to your specific circumstances. This may mean having a tutor on a regular basis to help your child, or visiting our education centre once a week or you could decide that your child will benefit from both. 

Meeting other children at the centre will provide an opportunity to build valuable friendships and develop your child's social skills. Further, learning in a small group of 5-6 children will be beneficial to those who would like to engage in group discussions, group reading sessions, etc. but who would still be able to receive 1:1 support from our tutors.

Whatever your needs and learning objectives, we are here to help, so please contact us on 07759045444 for a friendly discussion or alternatively come to our open morning on 12 September, 2019 ( places need to be reserved in advance).