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Mock 11+ Exams

Most children will benefit from sitting 11+ Mock Exams towards the end of their learning journey in year 5 because mock exams provide them with the experience of sitting tests with a peer group, and exposes them to real exam conditions.

Why sit one of our 11+ Mock Exams?

  • FULL LENGTH PAPERS Our Mock Exam papers are all full length papers. We trust that reducing the length of the paper will have a significant negative effect on the exam composition and will therefore be deemed unrealistic.

  • PREPARED IN-HOUSE All our papers are prepared in-house for the exclusive use of our pupils and therefore will not have been seen before by your child. To ensure that we provide best quality to our pupils, we hire a team of specialists who write 11+ Mock Exam papers exclusively for us.

  • PROMPT RESULTS We aim to provide our feedback report and results of your child's mock exam within 1-3 working days.

  • REAL EXAM CONDITIONS In order to provide your child with as realistic as possible exam experience, we conduct our mock exams in a manner resembling the strict rules of a real exam. 

  • CONFIDENTIALITY Your child’s identity and results will remain strictly confidential.

Mock exam dates for July 2020 will be confirmed soon.